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Payroll Interface

Payroll interface to report time and attendance data in your payroll system


payroll interface

Time & attendance data exports for your Payroll System

The Payroll Interface Time and Attendance Software Module offers as standard a large number of customisable reports on Time and Attendance data and the ability to create your own Time and Attendance reports very simply.

The Payroll Interface enables you to extract data from Bodet Time & Attendance Systems and transfer it into your Payroll System.

Available time and attendance data with the Payroll Interface Module

  • Daily and periodic totals.
  • Forecast and paid hours.
  • Overtime and special hours.
  • Flexitime and annualised balances.
  • Holidays, sickness and business absences.

Payroll Interface – just one of Bodet’s Time & Attendance Software Modules

Payroll Interface is just one of the Kelio Time & Attendance Software Modules available. Other software modules include Absence Management, Employee Self-Service, HR Assistant, Staff Planning, Job Costing, HR Decision Making and Access Control. Bodet’s Time & Attendance Software is modular, allowing you to purchase just the components you need now, and expand them as the needs of your organisation increase without additional overheads.


Time and Attendance Systems’ compatibility

Payroll System Compatibility

Payroll System Compatibility

Bodet and Sage have been partners for years and offer you the facility to import the data collected with Bodet's Time and Attendance System to your payroll software. Our Time and Attendance Solutions also interface with most of the market leading Payroll Systems (such as SAGE, Pegasus and Iris).

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