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Bodet's Kelio Absence Management Software for HR

Streamline Absence Management And Reduce HR Administration With Kelio Software


Time Management Software is vital for your organisation

Absence planning in your workplace enables you to:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Avoid the cost of hiring replacement workers.
  • Reduce HR administration.

The Absence Management Time and Attendance Software Module will also ensure:

  • Alignment with legal requirements.
  • Project continuity through resource planning.
  • Effective holiday planning.
  • Creation of a detailed absence report.

Visibility on absence types

absence management balance initialisation

The Kelio Absence Manager Time and Attendance Software Module enables you to view different types of absence such as:

  • Planned absences.
  • Unexpected leave.
  • Paid and unpaid absences.
  • Absences which require authorisation such as holiday. 

Employee Monitoring with Time Management Software

Our Absence Tracking Systems allow employee monitoring, enabling you to:

  • Identify unexpected absences in real time and send alerts to the absent employee via email or text message.
  • Monitor absences, both individual and collective.
  • Calculate the Bradford Factor - an attendance management tool which allows you to have a view of the impact of absenteeism on the entire organisation through sickness absence monitoring and flag-up cases of persistent sickness.
  • Communicate accumulation and absence balances to employees via the Employee Self-Service screens. This can be useful for holiday planning. 

Absence Management – just one of Bodet’s Time & Attendance Software Modules

Bodet’s Kelio Absence Management Software Solution is one of several modules for its Time and Attendance Software.

Absence Management Software is just one of the Kelio Time & Attendance Software Modules available. Other software modules include Employee Self-Service, HR Assistant, Staff Planning, Job Costing, HR Decision Making, Payroll Interface and Access Control. Bodet’s Time & Attendance Software is modular, allowing you to purchase just the components you need now, and expand them as the needs of your organisation increase without additional overheads.

Payroll Interface

Kelio automatically carries out all of the calculations required to take into account the data coming from your Absence Management Software into your payroll software, based on employees clocking in and out. Discover our Payroll Interface Time and Attendance Module

Employee Self-Service

Decentralise HR administrative tasks by involving staff and managers in the absence planning process via our Employee Self-Service Time and Attendance Module. Managing employee absence and leave will become simple and transparent.

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