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Virtual clocking in system

Empower your employees whilst reducing administrative workload

Our Virtual Clocking In System allows you to decentralise some administrative duties, share information and give your staff a sense of responsibility. All of this functionality is provided as a Time and Attendance Software solution on your existing networked PCs, but without the need for any additional hardware.

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Benefits of Bodet’s Virtual Clocking In System

Real Time Clocking In

Your staff can efficiently clock in and out at the beginning of their job, their breaks and business leave, all without leaving their desk.

Submitting Absence Requests

Absence requests can be sent directly from your staff to their direct manager, who will receive email notifications. This replaces paper forms which can be lost or processed incorrectly. You can synchronise the employee absences with the calendar in the email inbox (Microsoft Outlook® or Lotus Notes®).

Consulting personal data

In order to reduce requests for information from the HR department, employees can consult their individual accounts, as well as view/modify their HR files.

Declaring Attendance Times

Enable your employees to declare their Time and Attendance clockings before they are validated by their managers.


Manager Interface

Our Manager Interface provides your managers with the following benefits:

  • Check staff Time and Attendance in real time.
  • Validate absence requests automatically, removing the need for hard copies.
  • Consult data such as HR files, absence planning and forecasts, attendance, anomalies and balances.
  • Receive automated alerts for absence requests or anomalies.
  • Ensure confidentiality of your HR information whilst decentralising administrative duties.
  • Monitor and approve activity declarations through our dashboard system.
  • View activity reports of individual or grouped totals.
Manager Interface
Virtual Clocking In - Time and Attendance

Employee Self-Service

Through Employee Self-Service your staff are empowered with the following benefits:

  • Create real time activity declarations to log hours spent on a project, customer or activity.
  • Create activity declarations after the event, as either a percentage, hours or as a period.

Virtual Clocking In – just one clocking in method

As well as Virtual Clocking In, Bodet also offers the following Clocking In options: the Kelio Visio X7 Terminal, Biometric, Proximity Badges, Facial Recognition Clocking In, Smartphone or Timebox.

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