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Kelio Xtrem Robust Clocking Terminal – The Durable Clocking in Terminal Designed For All Working Conditions

Designed and manufactured by Bodet, the Kelio Xtrem Clocking In Terminal has been created to enable your staff to clock in on site even in extreme environments. It is resistant to rain, dust, heat and cold.

Operating either connected to your network or as a standalone terminal using a USB flash drive for data synchronisation, it adapts perfectly to your needs.

A Clocking In Terminal adapted to the needs of your organisation

As part of your Bodet Time & Attendance System, Kelio Xtrem offers the following benefits:

  • Durable, shockproof terminal resistant to heat (up to 50C), cold (to -15C), humidity, and dust.
  • Clock in/out for attendance and activities (with Job Costing).
  • Flexible operation running either as a networked clocking in terminal with real time results, or standalone with manual USB flash drive synchronisation.
  • Clocking options include biometric (fingerprint), proximity and PIN code.
  • Suitable for large scale sites where up to 1,000 terminals can operate on the same system, and multi-site with SaaS.
  • Functions as an Access Control reader.
Clocking on construction sites and mobile sites with Xtrem

Clocking In Systems without a network connection

Does your organisation operate across locations where network connections are unreliable or impractical, for example in agriculture, construction or warehouses? Kelio Xtrem is a clocking terminal which can be installed in exterior or mobile sites without network or internet access. This ensures that you can maintain workforce visibility, no matter where your staff are working.

When operating as a standalone terminal, Kelio Xtrem enables you to connect a USB flash drive to download data, and then synchronise it within our Kelio software by connecting it to a laptop. This is a simple and efficient method to collect your clocking data from remote sites. Should you have last-minute temporary workers, you can even provide them with a badge to clock in immediately, and then create their employee files in Kelio later on.

Xtrem terminal – resistant to extreme conditions

A durable and resistant Clocking In Solution

Some industries operate in environmental conditions which can make maintaining workforce visibility challenging. Kelio Xtrem is the latest model in our clocking terminals range designed and manufactured by Bodet to operate in even the most extreme environments.

  • Food, medical and specialist manufacturing: Kelio Xtrem is cold resistant and can operate in conditions down to -15C, meaning it can be installed in cold rooms. The keypad has been designed to prevent residue accruing between buttons, and with an IP65 protection rating, it can be high-pressure cleaned.
  • Wood and metal workshops: The build-up of metal or wood particles can typically inhibit unprotected electronic solutions, but Kelio Xtrem is dust-proof and even shock resistant (IK08) for the harshest of industrial conditions.
  • Agricultural and outdoor sites: Since temperatures in greenhouses and outdoor locations during Summer can reach high levels, Kelio Xtrem has been designed to be resistant to heat and function in conditions up to 50C. Kelio Xtrem’s OLED screen also provides great readability in direct sunlight and high contrast conditions.
Xtrem secure access reader by Bodet Software

Kelio Xtrem: Secure Access Control Reader for interior or exterior user

In addition to functioning as a clocking in terminal, Kelio Xtrem can also be used as an Access Control reader, increasing safety for your staff and protecting buildings and secure areas of your premises. With IP65 certification and resistance to cold and heat, it can be mounted outdoors with its weatherproof design.

Kelio Xtrem gives you the choice of proximity, biometric (fingerprint) or PIN number access, and can use either IP or RS485 OSDP V2 communication modes. Bodet’s Access Control System integrates fully with its Time & Attendance System, so you can use the same database for attendance as you do for access rights.

Learn More about Access Control

Kelio Xtrem

  • Dimensions H216.5 x L76.5 x W77.5 mm
  • Operating temperature from -15°C to +50°C
  • IP65 - The terminal can be high-pressure cleaned, and is adapted for outdoor use
  • IK08 - Shock resistant
  • High-contrast OLED screen - Adapted for use in very bright environments
  • Configurable backlit keyboard
  • Easy-to-clean keyboard - Adapted for use in agriculture and the food manufacture industry
  • PoE, 12 VDC or 24 VDC power supply - Optional mains adapter
  • Battery with an autonomy of 30 minutes - In the event of a power cut (optional)
  • 230 V 1 A internal relay - For bell ringing
  • Two configurable function keys - Account information, activity or schedule assignment, absence clockings
  • Communication - Real-time in http/https TLS 1.2 TSL1.3 or USB port for data synchronisation
  • Identification by badge - MIFARE DESFire or Electronic Marin Stid
Xtrem terminal dimensions

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