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Employee Engagement with Bodet

Bodet have just produced a new white paper on Employee Engagement, combining their workforce management knowledge into a guide to boost productivity

Employee Engagement enables your organisation to increase productivity without the associated financial cost of having to increase your workforce. Engaged employees work with increased effort and are more focused on embodying your organisation’s goals and key values. They are also less likely to take sick leave.

Having an established Employee Engagement strategy is also key in staff retention and recruitment. Valuable candidates are much likely to be attracted to a company with these policies in place, and stay with it. It also allows you to combat active disengagement, which occurs in some instances of particularly low engagement, where employees begin proactively working against the goals and values of your company from within. It’s important to make sure this damaging practice isn’t undoing other positive work.

The white paper identifies some of the key factors of Employee Engagement (including communication, fairness, wellness and flexible working), how they might be affecting your organisation, and how you can use them to increase productivity and therefore profit for your business.

You can download our Employee Engagement white paper here.

If you would like to see how a modern Time & Attendance Solution can increase Employee Engagement within your organisation, please contact us.


Employee Engagement White Paper


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