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Self-Service Employee Time Tracking

Empower your employees and reduce HR administration with Employee Self-Service


Employee self service

Bodet’s Self Service Solution for HR

The Employee Self-Service Software Module empowers your staff, giving them more control and allowing them keep better track of their attendance data. It also saves time for your HR department through reduced administration and data entry. This additional functionality is available either directly on screen with our Kelio Visio terminals, or via a desktop PC through virtual clocking in.

As employee involvement is increased through employee self-service, employee engagement will be boosted, both in terms of giving your staff more responsibility and demonstrating trust. It also enables your HR Department to move away from transactional HR, freeing them up for more strategic actions.


The Challenges of HR in a modern organisation

HR departments are regularly involved in many daily administrative tasks, such as checking attendance and answering requests for holiday balances. They are often not in direct contact with employees, and departmental managers can be far better placed to measure the impact of absence and confirm activities. Bodet’s Employee Self-Service Software Module empowers your staff, giving them abilities such as checking their own balances, whilst giving their managers the capability to confirm attendance times and time spent on activities.

Through our Absence Management Software, staff can participate in the process by making their own absence requests on their intranet, whilst managers still retain control with the ability to authorise these requests. Your organisation can eliminate paper holiday request forms, saving time and removing the possibility of processing errors.

All of these Employee Self-Service functions can be controlled through our software, so you can give staff only the additional capabilities which are relevant to your organisation.

Kelio Employee Self-Service Staff functions:

  • Real-time clocking in / out using any PC connected to the corporate network.
  • Absence management: making absence requests.
  • Account transfer: request for overtime hours to be taken as time in lieu or paid for.
  • Activity declaration: select an activity and time spent on it, with our Job Costing Software Module.
  • Viewing personal Time and Attendance data, such as clockings, absences, balances, anomalies and other totals.
  • Modifying personal staff data, such as contact details.


Self-Service Employee

Kelio Employee Self-Service Manager Functions:

  • Validate clocking declarations and activity declarations.
  • Approve absence requests and account transfers.
  • Viewing absent / present staff in real time (with virtual attendance board).
  • View Time and Attendance records.
  • Update staff records.

Employee Self-Service – just one of Bodet’s Time & Attendance Software Modules

Employee Self Service is just one of the Kelio Time & Attendance Software Modules available. Other software modules include Absence Management, HR Assistant, Staff Planning, Job Costing, HR Decision Making, Payroll Interface and Access Control. Bodet’s Time & Attendance Software is modular, allowing you to purchase just the components you need now, and expand them as the needs of your organisation increase without additional overheads.

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