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Time and Attendance Systems for Manufacturing

Specific Attendance Solutions For Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities


Benefits of specific Time and Attendance Solutions for your Manufacturing environment

When it comes to an industrial facility, workforce management is as important as the technology you use in the manufacturing process. Without the appropriate staffing levels with the appropriate skills, you risk losing vital productivity and failing to meet production deadlines. Bodet’s Time & Attendance System is able to assist you through the following benefits:

  • Schedule your manufacturing workforce effectively against specific output levels with planning for holidays.
  • Offer a range of quick and intuitive Clocking In Systems suitable for different environments.
  • Can include job costing to track spend for specific projects.
  • Provide an overview of attendance at a glance with automated alerts for worker lateness sent to team leaders
  • Provide attendance reports on overtime and bonus amounts.

Benefits of specific Time and Attendance Solutions for your Manufacturing environment

Maximise productivity and profit

Maximise productivity and profit

To maximise productivity throughout your manufacturing facility, you need the ability to plan staff levels and skill requirements according to your production schedule, and ensure these are being met at all times. Bodet’s Time & Attendance System enables you to do exactly that, combining rapid clocking in methods suitable for a range of environments with powerful, intuitive software to create schedules and reports.

Bodet’s solution, either cloud-based or on-premise, provides you with real time attendance data and can even inform chosen managers of absences. This information gives you the power to immediately respond to any staff attendance issues. With our job costing module, you’ll even be able to track your workforce spend against specific projects, ensuring profitability and gaining insights for future jobs.

Payroll interface to reduce administration

Reduce administration and inefficiency

Workforce management involves many processes, which when conducted manually are inefficient and prone to errors. Bodet’s Time & Attendance System automates procedures such as recording attendance and absence management (including calculation of the Bradford Factor), eliminating paperwork such as timesheets and holiday forms.

When it comes to running payroll, further time can be saved by simply producing an export for use with your chosen payroll system. Our reporting functionality allows you to create a range of standard and customised reports, including overtime and bonus amounts.

All of this frees up internal resources, enabling your organisation to focus less on operational and more on transformative HR.

Improve employee experience

Improve the employee experience

The assumption that a physically present employee is working at their optimal productivity level is something that could be damaging efficiency throughout your organisation. Bodet’s Time & Attendance System is designed to assist your workforce as much as your HR administration, improving the employee experience by boosting employee engagement, wellness and communication.

Our Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminal acts as a communication touchpoint without the need for additional devices, offering functionality such as direct messaging, company bulletins, surveys, a virtual suggestion box and access to your company intranet. Staff empowerment is fostered through self-service functionality, and activity logs supporting organisational integrity. Absence management supports your staff wellness strategy, so you can highlight KPIs indicating issues such as stress, and support your employees before they become serious.


Hear from our customers

Bampton packaging

Bampton packaging
« Bodet’s solution aligned with all our requirements. These include the ability to manage absences and provide an overview of clocking times at the touch of a button. It’s also very helpful to view booked holiday so we can plan effectively. In addition, we really like the fact that all our HR information is stored in one place. »

Steve Fountain
Production Manager


Container components

Container components
« We were immediately able to see who is in the building and gained an insight into the efficiency of our workforce. Bodet’s kiosk terminal is easy to use and allows employees to clock in quickly and easily. They can also request absences and consult their Time and Attendance information via the touch screen. »

Ian Drayton


Milward Printing Ltd

Milward Printing Ltd
« We decided to work with Bodet because its Time & Attendance System, Kelio Prima, fully meets our needs. We installed Bodet biometric fingerprint clocking-in machines to record employees working hours and to control time & attendance because this system supplies us with indisputable data. »

Malcolm Wright
Joint Managing Director


Customer References

Metrode Welding Consumables - Time and Attendance
Peugeot - Time and Attendance
GlaxoSmithKline GSK - Time and Attendance
Container components - Time and Attendance

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